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One of the fastest and heaviest waves on the North Cornish shore. The beauty of Perranporth’s mile and a half beach is only outweighed by the dangers of the water. The River Perran flows across the sands in the South, there is quicksand in places and the tides move the sands around with every tide, producing rips. Getting to the water is not easy. A drive through Perran Sands Holiday Park brings you to the top of the sand dunes. A ten-minute walk follows carrying all the kit you’re likely use. That’s not too bad as it’s downhill but remember, you have to cart it all back again at the end of the day. Not surprisingly few sailors bother making the journey but those who have enjoyed uncrowded conditions and superb wave sailing. Perran Sands is sailable on most states of the tide though the winds become fluky at high tide.

Getting there: Drive through Perran Sands Holiday Park

Parking: Paid parking in the Dunes

Ideal Wind: S, SSW or Strong N

Accommodation: Holiday villages and campsites in vicinity

Amenities: Toilets near beach

Suitable for: Experienced wave sailors only

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