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RRD tell us about their new carbon mast and fuselage: 


The new SWK Carbon 1.5 / 13 / 85 is dedicated to those who love to have more control at high speeds.

We have reduced the thickness of the mast by 3 mms compared to our SWK CARBON MAST 1.8 / 13 / 85 to gain more speed and control when flying using smaller front wings. The plate has been completely re-designed to increase strength to be able to withstand high jumps and last over long time use.
This carbon technology has a minimum of flex and torsion to feel in complete control as pro riders love. Its 100% carbon layup has an optimized fiber orientation to maximize strength and stiffness as we have used only a combination of UD and Biaxial MJ40 Hi Modulus Carbon prepreg fibers.Comes with a PADDED cover with velcro to fasten it inside the bag.


Our R&D process is continuosly pushing towards better and lighter equipment. The new Universal Carbon Fuselage is for those who are asking more and want to take their riding up a notch. You can really think of your lightest set up by using it as it is about 300 grams less than the Universal alu fuselage.
The new Universal Carbon Fuselage has a extra wide head area to carry wide wings and to withstand landings from hi jumps and its wide middle section design can sustain higher flex and torsion pressure from the input of the mast and offers an improved level of stiffness.

The Universal Carbon fuselage is compatible with all masts and wings in the RRD collection.

Comes with a PADDED cover with velcro to fasten it inside the bag


RRD SWK CARBON FOIL MAST Y27 – RRD Roberto Ricci Designs – Equipment

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