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This video is about cold WINTER windsurfing in Russia on the Black Sea coast by Igor Yudakov. The film was shot on Anapa, Bolshoy Utrish and Novorossiysk coast. The temperature of the sea during water is 6 to 8 degrees, air 5 to 8 degrees. There are a good storms are caming with a big waves, providing good training conditions. Usually I use a 71 l board and sails 3.3 and 3.7. I have lost my GoPro Hero 3 action camera during shooting this film, as well as a new GoPro Hero 5 of my friend almost lost becose the mount was broken when I bedly lended one of the jumps. Enjoy the video, subscribe my channel and have fun on the water!

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rider: Igor Yudakov spot: Anapa, Black sea, Russia

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