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If the wind is from the E or SE and you are in east Cornwall then check this spot out. The conditions vary with the tide and it is best to avoid this venue if the tide is high and there is a swell running. The shore dump can be pretty devastating, breaking onto the sea wall to the left and dumping onto the beach on the right. Up to three quarters high tide you can rig up on the grassy area in front of the beach and, if the wind is fresh, you will be able to get some port tack jumping on the well-formed ramps. Don’t confuse this Seaton with the one in Somerset.

Getting there: Down the B3247 to the beach. Nice drive through the River Seaton valley

Parking: By the beach.

Ideal Wind: E – SE

Accommodation: In Looe

Amenities: Pub and shop in Village

Suitable for: Intermediates

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