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The 2020 Kode is our brand New all around Wave Board.

(Press Release) A reference in the freewave segment, the all-new Kode offers wave, freestyle and freeride crossover characteristics. Designer states each size was designed and equipped to ride in thruster fin configuration for more manoeuvrability and grip, or as single fin for speed and straight-line sensation.

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The target with the new Kodes was to deliver the best onshore wave board yet excel in freeride, freewave and freestyle as the Kode legacy demands. To achieve these objectives, the Kode shape was shortened in both nose and tail for added maneuverability while avoiding any loss in acceleration or speed.

The increased bottom Vee shape further adds maneuverability in the waves, giving a sharper acceleration in the gusts and more smoothness in rough waters. A colour identification system for the ideal footstrap, fin and mast base makes finding the recommended settings a breeze.

When to use? Bump and jump conditions, onshore conditions and smaller waves where the volume distribution and the board’s speed help to keep drive when the waves are slow.

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