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Just because it’s a Friday ! – and if you want to know more about the group here’s the lowdown courtesy of Wikipedia

“The Surfers was a Haarlem pop group that existed from 1978 to 1981 . The group was a studio project by Jaap Eggermont and the members of Catapult and the main theme was Windsurfing . The songs were sung by studio singers, but for the television a stage act was created with lead singer Nico Fontijn together with 3 singers and 3 singers. The group is best known for the hit Windsurfin ‘ from 1978 .
Late 1970-1979 was windsurfing worldwide rage. Willem van Kooten (publisher), the men of Catapult and producer Jaap Eggermont appeared in 1978 a great business idea and write a song about this new craze: Wind Surfin ‘ . The Catapult group had just released the single Zuipen . Because the song sung in the Leiden dialect did not fit within the repertoire of the group, the song was released under the name Rubber Robbie. For example, other songs that were not suitable for their own repertoire were written for newly created groups. For Windsurfin , written with Jaap Eggermont , the group The Surfer was conceived under the guidance of manager Han Meijer . The song was sung in the studio by Ed van Toorenburg, Bart van Schoonhoven (both from the group Breeze), AndrĂ© Sommer (Sommerset) and the three sisters Crooks who previously had a hit under the name The Internationals. As a stage act, however, seven people were sought together to play the song on television and during performances. The frontman of the group became the Zaandijker Nico Fontijn and he was assisted by Paul Braaksma ,Iwan Groeneveld , Patrick Elalouf and the three dancers Esther Oosterbeek , Marijke Meyer and Cathy Leonupun . From this seven, Groeneveld already had national fame under the name Spooky (from Spooky & Sue ).

In both the Netherlands and Flanders, Windsurfin achieved second place in the hit parade . In both countries it was first and foremost held by You’re the one that I because of John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John . In the Netherlands, some 200,000 copies of the single were sold. Also in the rest of the European mainland the number became a summer hit . The song was also popular in West Germany , Poland , France and Denmark . For performances a number of songs were added which, just like Windsurfin ‘in the style of The Beach Boys and also songs from other artists and medleys were rehearsed. Because of many gigs abroad it took until the next summer before the successor appeared. That was the number Windsurfing-time again , which was very similar to their debut single. The Surfers could not match their success, however, and the single became a top 20 hit.

In the spring of 1980 their summer hit for that year appeared Girls on the beach . The Surfers then consisted only of five people. Elalouf and Oosterbeek, who got too busy as members of the Dolly Dots , had left the group. The single stranded in the tipparade . In 1981 The Surfers made their fourth and final single Let’s go surfing , which once again resembled their first two singles. When that number flopped, it was decided to cancel the group.”


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