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Fanatic Falcon 113 2012 action

Fanatic Falcon 113 Team Edition

Stats Volume (L) 113 Weight (Kg) 7.3 Length (cm) 235 Width (cm) 69 Construction Team Edition Price £1499

The Low-Down
The Falcon range is Fanatic’s hard-core slalom board line and  for 2012 the shapes have been completely reworked with five all new models that are designed with speed as the main focus. The construction is BiaxCarbonLight, which is lightweight, stiff and also looks the business.

At a glance
The 113 replaces last year’s 111, it has similar dimensions to last year’s board but the shape has been tuned with harder rails and a straighter tail shape, as well as a new rocker line. On the deck, it has a deeper concave to lower the rig further into the board and the footstrap area has been slightly raised to improve the riding position. It has a Tuttle in box but this board doesn’t come with a fin. Fanatic recommend Select Fins and they have a useful sizing guide on their website to help you chose the right size.

It is stable under foot, with well-distributed volume throughout the board. It accelerates very quickly, feeling lively and eager, while at the same time lifting smoothly onto the plane. From the straps the ride is extremely comfortable, with the raised deck around the footpads putting you in the perfect riding position to really drive the board hard. It is an easy board to get dialled into with almost freeride style ride and handling, which really gives you the confidence to push yourself to the absolute limit. On the straights it is rapid, particularly in rougher conditions, where the handling really pays off but also around the corners you will pick up places at the marks as it never loses speed in the gybes, so you can crank it in to the turn with confidence and control in all situations.

The verdict
The Falcon is extremely fast, it is a comfortable and easy handling board, which really enables and encourages you to push it as hard as possible. It delivers rewarding and highly competitive performance but with freeride style handling, which can be used to destroy all opposition on the race course as proved by Ant Baker who did exactly that during the last BSA slalom event at Weymouth last year.  Fanatic recommends Select/Sonntag fins.


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