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Fanatic Shark 135 2012 action

Fanatic Shark 135 Ltd

Stats Volume (L) 135 Weight (Kg) 9.4 Length (cm) 245 Width (cm) 73 Construction Ltd Fin PB 48cm Price £1499

The low down
The Shark is Fanatic’s freeride board line that is designed to deliver high performance and super easy access for entry-level riders to progress quickly and easily. The range is available in five sizes, from 105 up to 165 litres. It comes in standard construction or the 135 or 150 models are also available in high tech ‘Team’ construction. The shapes remain the same as last year but they’ve had a subtle graphical freshen up.

At a glance
It has a compact shape, with a rounded pintail and round nose. On the hull it has deep double concaves up front, which blend into a vee in the tail. The deck is nicely domed throughout and it has a large padded area around the straps, as well as having multiple advanced, intermediate and training footstrap position options. The fittings are top quality, with Fanatic straps and a 48cm Power Box Shark fin. Tested here is the LTD model, which is a lightweight, high tech Carbon Kevlar construction, it also comes supplied with a G10 fin.

It is stable and comfortable under foot with well-distributed volume packed into its compact shape. It planes early requiring very light effort from the rider to get it going. From the straps it is very controlled with a decent amount of dome under your feet for grip and comfort as well as high quality footstraps and pads. It accelerates quickly and freely but in a very controlled way, which will really encourage less experienced riders, while at the top end there is a decent level of performance that can be squeezed out when you want to go for it. Around the corners it is very controlled with a stable and easy carving character that will deliver confidence and success to any rookie carve gyber.

The verdict
The Shark is a great freeride board and perfect for entry-level riders looking to improve quickly. Although it is aimed at lower-level riders it is still packing plenty of performance to keep riders of a higher level interested so you won’t grow out of it too quickly.


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