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Fanatic Skate 99 2012 action

Fanatic Skate 99 Team Edition

Stats Volume (L) 99 Weight (Kg) 6.7 Length (cm) 228 Width (cm) 63.5 Construction Team Edition Fin Fanatic Freestyle 22cm Price £1529

The low down
The Fanatic Skate needs little introduction, having carried Gollito to four PWA world titles, it has a very solid reputation. For 2012 it is a completely new board, available in three sizes and two different constructions, Biax Glass Sandwich or Team Edition Carbon Kevlar Light.

At a glance
It has a new shorter shape for 2012, shedding 8cm’s in length. The nose is wide and it has a wide chunky tail. On the deck it is flat up front, with a contoured shape around the foot straps for added comfort and grip. The fittings are top quality, with superb footstraps and a 22cm Fanatic Powerbox fin. We tested the top of the range Team Edition model here, which is very lightweight and stiff. The graphics look great, with a sanded back, exposed carbon look on the deck and airbrushed base.

It is very stable under foot, with its short, compact shape that focuses the volume just where it’s needed. It accelerates very quickly, planing super early and allowing you to get back into the straps early, where the ride is great. The straps are very comfortable and the contoured deck shape feels good under your feet, giving you heaps of control. It is quick but also very easy and comfortable to ride, which allows you to set up for manoeuvres, whether riding standard or switch and simply focus on styling your moves. It has masses of pop to send you into big moves and the width in the nose and tail makes stomping those moves even easier. It carves very well and maintains its speed through turns. Sliding tricks are also easy and once you get this board spinning it really doesn’t want to stop

The verdict
The Skate is a stable and easy board to ride but at the same time it’s also fast and exciting. It has a lot of pop and rotates through moves super quickly. It would suit riders of all abilities, it is obviously a devastatingly capable board in the hands of a pro who push their freestyle to incredible new levels but it is also a good all-rounder for rookie freestylers. It was a highly popular board with all of our testers.


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