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Gaastra Cross 6.0 2012

Gaastra Cross 6.0

Stats Size (m2) 6.0 Luff (cm) 444 Boom (cm) 186 Battens 6 Ideal Mast 430/21 IMCS Extension Req (cm) 14 Price £525

The Cross is Gaastra’s all-round crossover sail. It was a new sail in the range last year and for 2012 it has had a few tweaks to deliver even better all-round performance in waves, freestyle and freeride blasting.

At a glance
This six batten sail is extremely well made, as you would expect from Gaastra, it has ample X-ply re-enforcement where needed for strength and looks like it will last. The luff and boom lengths have been reduced from last year, so it’s slightly more compact for improved handling.

It rigs on a 430 RDM and we tested it on a Gaastra 430 75% carbon mast. It is built for speed, setting with quite a bit of shape and a deep foil. The tuning range is good, for best results apply plenty of down-haul and then tune with the out-haul.

The Cross is extremely well balanced, it feels powerful but not overly grunty. The bottom end feeds in very smoothly and although it isn’t the most powerful sail, it will still get you quickly up to speed. It is when you are fully powered up and planing that you realise what this sail is all about, and that is high speed. Once you start changing up through the gears it will really start to pull and doesn’t stop, this sail knows no limits at the top end. It suits the faster boards best and is great for blasting around at top speed and racing your mates on either flat water or choppy conditions. In manoeuvres it’s well balanced and behaved nature make it easy to handle with a smooth but solid rotation and steady feed of power coming out of the other side.

The verdict
The Gaastra Cross crosses over really well between freerace and freemove, with a bit of wave and freestyle thrown in as well. Suitable for all levels of rider, great for high speed bump and jump as well as racing everyone else on the water with its high speed.


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