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Gaastra Matrix 6.5 2012

Gaastra Matrix 6.5

Stats Size (m2) 6.5 Luff (cm) 451 Boom (cm) 186 Battens 6 Ideal Mast 430/21 IMCS Extension Req (cm) 21 Price £469

The Matrix is a performance freeride sail from Gaastra and it has been completely reshaped for 2012. With a new compact out-line and panel lay-out it is designed to deliver a combination of slalom style performance with wave sail handling. It comes in sizes from 5.5 up to 8.5 and is available in four different colour options.

At a glance
It has a six-batten frame, with a short luff and compact boom length. There is X-ply re-enforcement where it’s needed in the high stress areas and the sail has the usual high standard of build quality that you would expect from Gaastra so this sail should last. The finish is also top class, with quality materials and stylish details used throughout.

The Matrix sits on a 430 mast and we tested the sail on a Gaastra 75 SDM. It is a hassle free sail to rig and can be tuned easily through the down and out-haul to suit the conditions

It is well balanced in the hands when powered up and feels light. It delivers plenty of feedback to your backhand so you can really feel the power and control it through the gusts and lulls. The wind range is very impressive, with good grunt at the bottom end that gets you going early, requiring very little rider effort and at the top end it delivers complete control with endless top speed. Through manoeuvres it handles fantastically, you can throw it around with total ease and confidence and when you need the power, it is always there.

The verdict
The Matrix is a fun and highly versatile sail to use, it has plenty of power for high speed blasting and responsive handling for laying down the manoeuvres.


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