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Goya Air 99 2012 action

Goya Air 99 Pro

Stats Volume (L) 99 Weight (Kg) 7.1 Length (cm) 224.9 Width (cm) 63.8 Construction Pro Edition Fin MFC Freestyle Pro 20cm Price £1399


The low down
The Air is an all-new freestyle board from Goya, replacing the X1 it is a hardcore freestyle shape, designed for new school airborne freestyle. It is only available in this one size and comes in Pro carbon construction.

At a glance
It has a very short and wide compact shape, making it the shortest board in the test. It also has the widest nose and tail, giving it a radical out-line. On the deck it is pretty flat and has large dual density footpads. The fittings are all from MFC, it comes with quality straps and a top of the range Freestyle Pro UL Gold Powerbox fin. The construction is lightweight and is also claimed to be highly durable, with extra carbon re-enforcement in the mast track, under the footpads and in the rails. The paint job and graphics also look great and really make this board standout from the crowd.

Its wide and compact shape is extremely stable under foot and the flat deck is easy to manoeuvre around on. It accelerates very smoothly and planes early. From the straps the ride is comfortable and even over choppy water it is controlled. The easy and stable characteristics of this board give you lots of confidence when setting up for tricks and is also particularly easy for riding switch. It pops freely and, as its name suggests, gets plenty of air without having to try too hard. Its short shape makes rotating very quick and easy, while the wide nose gives you time and stability through sliding moves, it also carves very well for new school radical moves or laying down a bit of old school. The voluminous tail is highly effective when it comes to sticking your moves, with plenty of volume under your feet you’ll find yourself sailing out of all situations and this gives you the confidence to push yourself to the next level.

The verdict
The new Goya Air is a highly capable and competitive freestyle board, it makes every move feel easy, whether it’s sticking your first vulcan or stomping a switch chacho, it helps you progress quickly. A superb new freestyle shape from Goya.


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