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Goya Banzai 4.9 2012

Goya Banzai 4.9

Stats Size (m2) 4.9 Luff (cm) 423 Boom (cm) 167 Battens 4 Ideal Mast 400/19 IMCS RDM Extension Req (cm) 23 Price £499

The Banzai is Goya’s all new, four batten power wave and manoeuvre orientated sail, with a lightweight construction, intermediate aspect ratio and shape profile that is designed to deliver maximum low end power in the minimum of wind, enabling you to use a smaller size.

At a glance
The Banzai is unmistakably Goya, it is well constructed, with plenty of re-enforcement built in. This four batten sail features super light scrim materials, making it very lightweight. The Banzai range offers sizes from 3.3 to 5.6 and all feature a reduced head shape and high foot outline for a very light handling feel and also excellent clearance under the foot of the sail for manoeuvres.

It rigs on a 400 mast and we tested it with a Goya RDM. It has a decent tuning range and impressive wind range for a four batten sail. It sets with a tighter leech and can be tuned with out-haul to suit conditions.

It feels light in the hands, with plenty of grunt low-down. At 4.9 it is one of the smaller sails in this test but for bottom end power it is well up at the top. Goya claim that it can be sailed smaller than a conventional sail and we can confirm that it easily compares to the power you get with a 5.2. The pull is from low down and slightly back, but very lifty making it easy to control and responsive. The top-end handling is very impressive and it holds its shape well. When it comes to freestyle, the power can be quickly switched on and off, which is perfect for powering in and out of moves. The balanced outline, light and responsive handling make it very easy to throw around.

The verdict
The Banzai was primarily developed as a wave sail, to power multi fin wave boards but it also doubles up as a very capable and reliable freestyle sail. It will suit any freestyle rider who wants to get powered on the smallest sail possible and especially riders with a more wave bias.


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