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Fanatic Twin 86 2012 action

Fanatic New Wave Twin 86 Team Edition 2012

Stats Volume (L) 86 Weight (Kg) 7.4 Length (cm) 234 Width (cm) 57.5 Construction Team Edition Fin 2x 16.5cm Fanatic Price £1499

The New Wave is available in either single or twin fin set ups. The twin fin model was introduced to the Fanatic range three seasons ago, it is available in the Team Edition construction and four sizes.

At a glance
The New Wave twin remains unchanged from last years model. It has a classic shape, with a sharp pintail and is also the narrowest under the back footstrap. It comes with quality Fanatic footpads and straps. The fin setup has twin US boxes and it comes with two 16.5cm Fanatic fins. The graphics are also unchanged and they look great, with a polished base and bright colours on the deck.

On the water
It is quick to lift onto the plane and it tracks really well for a twin fin, with no squirreling or skidding from the fins, when you’re powering it up in a straight line.
The straps are very comfortable and the pads offer plenty of grip without being too soft. The ride is quite lively but at the same time controlled and it is also fast, so it will get you out the back in no time and can launch some big jumps on the way. In the air it is very easy to control and the narrow nose makes spinning around rotations a piece of cake.
On the wave it feels quite loose, as you would expect from a twin fin but it is also secure when you need it to grip.
In the bottom turn it can be confidently driven hard and it holds its rail extremely well in the turn, it is really easy to get this board vertical on the wave and when you get to the top, you can smack out heaps of spray and break out the fins easily or slash a full rail cutback and not lose any speed.

Summing up
The New Wave twin was one the favourites amongst the test team, it is exciting and very reliable, awesome in onshore, cross shore and for jumping,. The shape hasn’t changed because it didn’t need to!

For more information on the

Fanatic New Wave Twin 86 Team Edition 2012

go to www.fanatic.com

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