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Fanatic Quad 75 2012 action

Fanatic Quad 75 Team Edition 2012

Stats Volume (L) 75 Weight (Kg) 7.1 Length (cm) 226 Width (cm) 54.5 Construction Team Edition Fin 2x 14.5cm 2x 9cm Choco Price £1529


For 2012 Fanatic have completely redesigned their quad fin board range. The new shapes are designed to plane earlier, be quicker and livelier than ever before.

At a glance
These boards look fantastic, the new graphics really standout from the crowd, with bright colours and exposed carbon on the deck. It has a fairly compact shape, it is one of the narrowest across the middle but under the back strap in is quite wide and it has a pintail. It has a fair amount of rocker in both the nose and tail and has a combination of double and single concaves in the base. The fittings are top quality, the straps are excellent and it comes equipped with four Slot Box G10 Chocco fins.

On the water
The Fanatic feels quite small under foot with its compact shape but this is not an issue as it lifts up onto the plane very quickly and early. From the straps the ride is comfortable, with good width under the footstraps, it is stable while battling out in challenging conditions and it also feels lively and fast for blasting around in choppy conditions or hacking upwind. On the wave it grips incredibly well through the turn, which makes it great in fast down the line conditions where you can gouge high-speed turns with total confidence. It changes direction very quickly and smoothly from rail to rail, so when you hit the top you can either set the rail and fins for a high speed cut back or break out the fins at the lip. It can be highly effective in smaller more on-shore waves but compared to some of the other boards, it doesn’t generate quite as much speed through the turns in sloppy conditions. This board thrives in the more hard-core conditions.

It is also a good jumping board, its speed can be put to good effect to go high and its compact out-line is easily controlled in the air.

Summing up
The Fanatic Quad is a great all-round wave board, it is comfortable and exciting to ride, fun to jump and it thrives in the waves, the bigger and faster the better.

For more information on the

Fanatic Quad 75 Team Edition 2012

go to www.fanatic.com

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