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Goya Quad 78 2012 action

Goya Custom Quad 78 Pro 2012

Stats Volume (L) 78 Weight (Kg) 7.8 Length (cm) 228 Width (cm) 55.6 Construction Pro Edition Fin 2x 15cm + 2x 9cm MFC QS300 Price £1499


Goya’s Custom Quad is their focused, hard-core wave board range with a new lighter and stronger construction for 2012, as well as sharp new graphics. The range also now has two new sizes at either end of the range, 68 and 104.

At a glance
The Goya has a pointed nose with plenty of width extending all the way back into a wide pintail. Its new construction looks very solid, with re-enforced carbon sections on the rails and deck for added strength. This does however add some extra weight and it did come out as the heaviest on the test. It has US fin boxes at the back and Mini Tuttle for the front fins. The fittings on the Goya are top quality, with MFC fins and footstraps, as well as dual density footpads.

On the water
It offers plenty of stability under foot, with width around the mast foot. Lifting onto the plane early and smoothly it also has extremely good upwind performance, which will get you quickly to where you want to be. The soft pads cushion the ride from the straps nicely and through rough chop it is comfortable and controlled. For jumping, it gets a lot of float in the air and it is also easy to control while airborne.
On the wave you really see what this board is about, it generates and holds so much speed on a wave. It is great in all conditions and the better the waves get, the more this board shreds. In the bottom turn the fins grip very securely, enabling you to really bury the rail and carve super hard allowing you to hit the lip as fast and aggressively as you like.

Summing up
The Goya is a super rewarding board to ride in all wave conditions. Suitable and accessible performance for all levels of rider although the more experienced wave sailors will get the most out of it.

For more information on the

Goya Custom Quad 78 Pro 2012

go to www.goyawindsurfing.com

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