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Goya Freesurf 6.8 2012

Goya Freesurf 6.8

Stats Size (m2) 6.8 Luff (cm) 472 Boom (cm) 200 Battens 5 Ideal Mast 460/25 IMCS Extension Req (cm) 12 Price £459

The Goya Freesurf is an all-round freeride crossover sail and is designed for pure windsurfing fun with a wave sail background but in a lighter and more cost effective construction.

At a glance
This five batten sail has a wave style out-line and shape but is in a more lightweight construction, with X-ply in the critical areas. It carries the usual Goya features such as a padded tack fairing and reduced head shape. It is made to a more cost effective construction but still looks extremely well built.

This sail sets on an RDM and we tested it with a Goya 90 460 mast. It is very quick and easy to rig, once the down-haul is set it has a decent tuning range with the out-haul, that can be tweaked to suit the conditions but it is also not too critical of fine tuning and works well in all settings.

It is lightweight in the hands and has a well-balanced and neutral feel. At the bottom end there is plenty of power that will get you up and going extremely early and keep on pulling smoothly up to top speed. Its wind range on the water is very good, it holds its shape well in the gusts and it generates heaps of power to keep you going through the lulls. When it comes to manoeuvres, its wave style background really shines through, it is light and easy to throw around in any situation, which riders of all levels will love.

The verdict
The Goya Freesurf is a very good freeride sail that would be suitable for any level of rider, particularly if you are more manoeuvre focused, it is basically like a big, lightweight wave sail.


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