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Goya Nexus 7.5 2012

Goya Nexus 7.5

Stats Size (m2) 7.5 Luff (cm) 484 Boom (cm) 212 Battens 7 Ideal Mast 460/25 IMCS RDM Extension Req (cm) 24 Price £509

The Nexus is Goya’s powerful all-round freeride sail, ranging in sizes from 4.3 right up to 9.0, it is designed for speed, power and control. The smaller sizes in the range have six battens and are aimed at manoeuvrability, while the bigger sizes, 7.5-9.0, are more focused on early planing and flat water blasting.

At a glance
It has seven battens and features the Goya reduced head shape, along with a stepped leech and a low cut foot. The build quality is very good and this sail features plenty of X-Ply re-enforcement where needed so it looks like it’s built to last.

This is the only sail in the test to set on a RDM and we tested it on a 490 Goya RD mast. It is very quick and easy to rig, with a decent tuning range that can be adjusted with the out-haul once the down-haul is set. It has a decent amount of shape in the foil and there are two out-haul options at the clew, which gives you plenty of range to tune it to the conditions and your preference.

It feels light in the hands and well balanced, with a solid and eager low-down drive. The bottom end grunt will get you going extremely early in light wind conditions and it can be pumped to good effect if you feel the need to get going even earlier. It is powerful and comfortable while blasting in light to medium winds however it can start to get a bit backhanded when the wind really pumps up. Through manoeuvres it performs superbly and handles like a much smaller sail, so you can throw it around in high speed carves and turns with total confidence.

The verdict
The Nexus is a solid and well-built freeride sail, with great bottom end power that will get you going quickly in all conditions. It is more manoeuvre orientated, compared with some of the others in the test and would suit any rider looking for a fast sail for high speed bump and jump style blasting.


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