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Goya One 116 2012 action

Goya One 116 Pro Wood Sandwich

Stats Volume (L) 116 Weight (Kg) 9.0 Length (cm) 243 Width (cm) 66.8 Construction Wood Sandwich Price £1449

The low down
The Goya One comes in eight different sizes, ranging from 72 up to 144 litres. The concept is for one board for any environment. The smallest boards in the range are full-on wave shapes, while the middle ones are freestyle waves and the larger models are pure freeriders, which replace the FXR and FXRS ranges from last year. The range is also available in either Pro or Eco Wood constructions.

At a glance
It has a very compact out-line, with a pintail and is narrow across the middle. On the underside, it has double concaves with vee in the tail and on the deck it is nicely domed. The fittings are high quality, with dual density pads, MFC footstraps and an MFC G10 Liquid Pro Powerbox fin.

Despite being one of the smallest on test, it is very stable under foot, with the volume well distributed along the length of the board. It accelerates smoothly and without requiring much effort from the rider. Once back in the straps, the ride is controlled and comfortable even in choppy and rough conditions, it instils total confidence. In a straight line, it was surprisingly quick and it picks up speed without you really having to try. Round the corners is where this board really shines and you can feel its wave board pedigree. It doesn’t matter how you like to gybe, this board will do it, fast and wide or hard and tight, it loves it all and is equally rewarding to expert carvers as it is for rookie gybers alike.

The verdict
The One is a lot of fun in all conditions and all riders will enjoy blasting and carving this board around. The top end performance really impressed and it would give most of the other boards on test a good run for their money but it is the more manoeuvre-orientated style of riding that was most likeable.


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