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Goya One 144 2012 action

Goya One 144 Pro

Stats Volume (L) 144 Weight (Kg) 9.6 Length (cm) 250 Width (cm) 75.5 Construction Pro Edition Fin PB 48cm Price £1449


The low down
The Goya One range is designed to cover everything from waves, freestyle and freeride. The board line consists of eight boards, with sizes ranging from 72 up to 144 litres and it comes in either Pro or Eco Wood construction. The 144 is the largest in the range and is a pure freerider, replacing last year’s FXR and FXRS models.

At a glance
It has a classic freeride out-line, with plenty of width across the middle and a rounded nose and tail. Underneath it has double concaves up front, into vee in the tail and it comes with a quality 48cm Power Box MFC Liquid Pro fin. On the deck it is flat around the mast track with some dome around the footstraps, it has comfortable dual density footpads and also comes complete with MFC footstraps. There is the option for either fully out-board or slightly in-board footstrap positions. The Pro Carbon construction is also claimed to be very durable and the finish looks great with bright graphics that make it standout.

It is very stable and comfortable under foot, with well-distributed volume throughout the length of the board. It lifts up onto the plane very smoothly and requires little effort to get it going. From the straps the ride is very comfortable, whether you have them set in or out-board, the out-board setting is very out-board, particularly on your front foot, which may not suit some riders, but allows more experienced riders to really drive the board. The pads are comfortable and grip your feet well. The One delivers a controlled and comfortable ride in all conditions, the hull soaks up chop well so you can blast around happily anywhere. Round the corners it carves superbly, especially for a board of this size, it will satisfy a wide range of riders from rookie carvers to experienced gybers.

The verdict
The Goya One is a great easy to use freerider suitable for all levels of rider particularly intermediate up to early advanced level riders. It isn’t the fastest of boards but it’s no slouch and will cruise around in any conditions, it’s also very capable around the corners.


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