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Goya One 94 2012 action

Goya One 94 Pro

Stats Volume (L) 94 Weight (Kg) 7.8 Length (cm) 236 Width (cm) 60.5 Construction Pro Edition Fin MFC Freewave 27cm Price £1349

The low-down
The One is Goya’s concept of one board for all conditions and styles. It comes in eight different sizes, ranging from 72 to 144 litres and covers everything from hard-core wave to freeride. For 2012 there are three new larger sizes that replace the FXR and FXRS from last year. It is also available in either Pro or Eco constructions.

At a glance
The 94 sits in the middle of the One line up and is the smallest board in this test. It has a voluminous nose and a narrow pintail. On the deck it has soft and comfortable dual density footpads and comes with quality MFC footstraps, as well as an MFC 27cm Freewave Powerbox fin.

It is quick to accelerate and lift onto the plane. Even though it is the smallest board here, it didn’t show when it came to bottom end performance. From the straps, it delivers a very comfortable and secure ride regardless of how challenging the conditions are, it also feels quite compact under foot. It is a fast and fun straight-line blaster but this board is far more about the corners than the straights. It is a super adaptable carver, with the volume in the nose to make it stable and forgiving for less experienced gybers, while its tight tail shape gripped well during fast turns, which also helps in the waves.

Jumping the Goya is great fun, its compact shape is easy to control in the air and when it comes to freestyle, it slides nicely.

The Verdict
The Goya One is a capable freestyler but it definitely feels like it has a lot more bias towards waves. It does what its name suggests and could deliver well as a one-board quiver but would also work very well as a big wave board that can also dabble in some freestyle when the waves are flat. It is an easy and comfortable board to ride and will suit all levels of rider, a great option for anyone looking for their first board to take them into the world of waves.


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