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Goya Quad 84 2012 action

Goya Quad 84 Pro 2012

Stats Volume (L) 84 Weight (Kg) 8.0 Length (cm) 230 Width (cm) 57.6 Construction Pro Edition Fin 2x 15cm + 2x 9cm MFC QS300 Price £1499

The Custom Quad is Goya’s main wave board, for 2012 the range has new graphics and a new lighter/stronger construction, as well as two new sizes, 68 & 104.

At a glance
It has a pintail with a pointed nose and plenty of width through the middle. The quad fin setup comes complete with a set of MFC QS300 fins, which are 9cm mini tuttle box at the front and 15cm US box at the back. The new construction is lighter and it also has carbon re-enforcement patches on the rails, as well as under the mast track and footpads. On the deck it comes with MFC straps fitted and dual density footpads.

On the water
The Goya is very stable under foot, with plenty of width around the mast foot, at rest it does feel like a large 84 litres but this is not a bad thing. It is quick to lift onto the plane early and it also has extremely good upwind performance, which will get you up into the action in no time. The ride from the straps is comfortable and controlled, with the soft pads under your feet. When you launch it off a ramp, it floats in the air very well and its compact shape is easy to control.
Once you get on a wave, the board truly comes alive, it generates and holds so much speed on a wave and is happy in either mushy small onshore or large powerful side shore waves. The fins grip very securely and it rides quite low in the water so when you turn, you can really bury the rail and carve super hard. When you hit the lip, the width up front helps to direct you back down the wave face, so you can go for it hard, fast and as late as you dare, when you get it just right, this is an extremely rewarding board to ride.

Summing up
If wave riding is your main priority then this board is the one for you. More experienced wave sailors will get a lot out of the Goya.

For more information on the

Goya Quad 84 Pro 2012

go to www.goyawindsurfing.com

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