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JP Freestyle 98 2012 action

JP Australia Freestyle 99 Pro

Stats Volume (L) 99 Weight (Kg) 7.0 Length (cm) 226 Width (cm) 64.5 Construction Pro Edition Fin JP Freestyle 22cm Price £1599

The low down
The JP Freestyle has been reshaped for 2012, with shorter and more compact shapes. The range is available in three sizes and comes in Pro Edition Carbon Kevlar construction.

At a glance
The 99 has a short and compact shape, with a rounded nose and tail. Across the middle it is wide with plenty of volume in the tail area. On the deck it is fairly flat up front around the mast foot and at the back, around the footpads it has a nice amount of dome, with a contoured shape under the front footstraps. The fittings are top quality, with JP straps and a 22cm JP Powerbox Freestyle fin. The finish is also top class and the brightly coloured graphics look great with the carbon construction exposed underneath.

The JP feels stable, thanks to the width through the middle of the board although it does feel very compact and slightly smaller than the others under foot. It planes extremely early and the ride from the straps is very good, the dome under your back foot and the contoured shaping under your front, fit your feet perfectly and really integrate you with the board for total control. This is a really fun and easy board to sail, particularly on flatter water. When it comes to busting the moves, there is nothing else that slides like the JP, the extra volume in the tail gives you great stability and allows you to execute huge reverse slides. It has got very good pop and the short, compact shape is easy to control in the air. The JP is also a very good carving board, so for either laying down old school tricks or busting new school power moves, the JP can deliver.

The verdict
The JP Freestyle is a very comfortable and easy board to ride, this gives you the instant confidence to push your capabilities and that’s when you will get fully rewarded. It would suit a wide range of rider abilities, it is highly rewarding for high level riders and also great fun for aspiring freestylers to play around on.


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