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JP FSW 101 2012 Action

JP Australia Freestyle Wave 101 Pro

Stats Volume (L) 101 Weight (Kg) 7.6 Length (cm) 232 Width (cm) 62 Construction Pro Edition Fin JP Freewave 29cm Price £1599

The low-down
The JP Freestyle Wave range has been completely reshaped for 2012. It is available in five sizes and two different constructions, Pro (tested here) or FWS (full wood sandwich). The smallest three models are slightly more wave orientated and, in the pro construction, come

With the optional thruster fin set-up, while the bigger models are aimed slightly more at the freestyle customer.

At a glance
The 101 is an all-new board for 2012, it has become much shorter (shortest in the group) and wider in the tail. It has a rounded nose with a flat rocker and a wide pintail, with a bit of kick in the tail. On the deck it has firm but comfortable pads and comes with decent JP footstraps. It also comes complete with a Powerbox 29cm JP fin. The Pro Edition is lightweight and the new graphics look great with exposed carbon and bright details.

It feels compact for its size but is still stable under foot, with plenty of volume in the middle of the board and the nose. It is very quick and easy to get up onto the plane and it accelerates rapidly up to top speed, where it delivers a comfortable and exciting ride in all conditions. This is a fast and fun board to blast around on, especially in bump and jump conditions where its compact shape can be easily controlled in the air. However, it’s during manoeuvres that it really stands out. Round the corners it carves superbly and responds to a range of styles, whether you want to crank it hard or carve it smooth, it delivers well. It is also a very capable freestyle platform that pops easily and is more than capable of sliding through a wide repertoire of freestyle moves.

The verdict
The new JP Freestyle Wave is a great all-rounder that delivers the perfect balance of wave and freestyle performance. We were highly impressed with how well it performed as a freestyle board but without compromising its ability in other areas. This board would suit riders who are looking for an all-round board to play around in waves and bump and jump conditions, as well as throwing down some freestyle when they find some flat water.


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