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JP Single Thruster 82 2012 action

JP Australia Single Thruster 82 Pro 2012

Stats Volume (L) 82 Weight (Kg) 7.4 Length (cm) 228 Width (cm) 57.5 Construction Pro Edition Fin 1x 21cm + 2x 10cm JP Wave Machine Price £1599

The Single Thruster was introduced to the JP range last year and is essentially their single fin real world wave board with the addition of side thrusters.  This years shape is an all new design as with the rest of the JP wave line.

At a glance
Apart from new graphics, not much has changed on the Single Thrusters for 2012. It is the shortest board on test but still has plenty of width across the middle, with a rounded off pintail. The fin set-up comes complete with a US box 21cm JP Wave Machine centre fin, two Mini Tuttle 10cm side thrusters and also blanks for the thruster boxes, so it can be set up in either option. The deck is quite flat and it has high quality JP straps and footpads fitted.

On the water
It is very quick and easy to get up onto the plane on the JP and with a fairly flat nose rocker, it is fast. The ride from the straps is comfortable, the deck is flat but the pads offer some dome under foot. The board feels stiff and solid, with a secure ride that powers off the large fin area. For bump & jump blasting the JP is tough to beat, its fast top speed can be used to launch big airs and its short compact shape is very easy to control while you’re airborne. On the wave it is fun and forgiving, with a very secure and fixed turning style. It holds good speed when powered up and riding either front or backside, it is not the easiest to get really vertical and radical on the wave but when you do it will also not punish you if your timing is slightly off or you aren’t quite in the right place.

Summing up
The JP is a fun and reliable board in a wide range of condition, particularly good in the more high wind, bump & jump style wave conditions. It is a forgiving and easy board to ride that will satisfy a wide range of rider ability levels and styles, great for first time wave riders.

For more information on the

JP Australia Single Thruster 82 Pro 2012

go to www.jp-australia.com

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