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JP Supersport 109 2012 action

JP Australia 2012 Supersport 109 Pro

Stats Volume (L) 109 Price £1499 Weight (Kg) 8.3 Length (cm) 249 Width (cm) 65 Construction Pro Edition Fin 38cm JP

The low down
The Supersport is JP’s freerace board line, combining the easy handling of their X-Cite Rides with the flat-out performance of their Slalom range, they are designed to be fast, comfortable and easy to ride.

At a glance
It has a classic out-line, being the longest and also narrowest board in the group, although the tail is still quite wide. Underneath it has double concaves into vee in the tail and also sports large cut-outs next to the fin which is a JP 38cm Powerbox. On the deck it is flat upfront around the mast track and back at the straps it features the race deck, which raises the front footpads to elevate the rider into the best riding position.

It is stable under foot, despite being the narrowest on test and the flat deck around the mast foot is easy to manoeuvre around at rest, although you won’t be stationary for very long as it accelerates very fast and lifts quickly up onto the plane. The route back into the straps is easy and the ride from the race deck is superb, elevating you into a comfortable and powerful position to drive the board along. In a straight line it is a seriously quick board and it’s also very easy to make it go fast, particularly in rougher conditions, where the length and hull shape soak up chop and swell with ease to deliver a very comfortable ride. Round the corners it has a versatile carving style and can cut a smooth turn through any conditions, we found it loved the full speed wide gybe and you will fly out of the other side with just as much speed as you took in.

The verdict
The Supersport is a great freeracing machine that blends high performance with smooth and easy handling very well. We really like the ‘race deck’, which puts you in a great position to power it up comfortably and explore its impressive top-end. It would suit a wide range of rider abilities and would be a good choice for anyone looking for an easy and comfortable high speed blaster, that is great to ride in all conditions.


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