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JP Quad 74 2012 action

JP Australia Twinser Quad 74 Pro 2012

Stats Volume (L) 74 Weight (Kg) 7.5 Length (cm) 229 Width (cm) 55 Construction Pro Edition Fin 2x 14 + 2x 10cm JP Price £1599


The JP Twinser Quad is the Jason Polakow and Kauli Seadi pro model wave board. The board is designed to be highly versatile to accommodate these two riders who have equally radical but very different riding styles. The range has not changed from last year in terms of shape but has had a graphical freshen up.

At a glance
It is the second longest in this test, with fairly straight sides and a narrow pintail. It has a moderate amount of nose and tail rocker. The board comes complete with four fins, with US Fin boxes at the back and Mini Tuttle for the front fins. It also comes complete with blanks for the front fin boxes and can be set up as a twin with the addition of two 15-16cm US Box fins. The JP fittings are top quality and the new graphics look good.

On the water
The JP lifts onto the plane quickly and accelerates smoothly up to speed. The deck is fairly flat up front but once you get back into the straps the pads offer a comfortable and secure ride. The board is lively and quick, blasting out through choppy conditions it remains controlled and the upwind performance is good. Jumping the JP is excellent, the decent top speed means you can launch it high and it feels controlled while airborne. On the wave it is highly versatile and adaptable, with a loose riding style. Through the bottom turn it grips well and generates plenty of speed. It can be driven hard in which ever section of the wave you want to hit. Off the top you can either let fly or bury the rail into a tight cut-back.

Summing up
The JP Twinser Quad is a super adaptable and versatile board, which has the ability to flatter any style or level of rider.

For more information on the

JP Australia Twinser Quad 74 Pro 2012

go to www.jp-australia.com

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