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JP Xcite Ride 122 2012 action

JP Australia X-Cite Ride 122 Pro

Stats Volume (L) 122 Weight (Kg) 8.6 Length (cm) 250 Width (cm) 68 Construction Pro Edition Fin JP 40cm Price £1499


The low down
The X-Cite Ride is JP’s pure freeride line, designed to deliver fun and exciting performance to all riders. The range is available in two constructions, either full wood sandwich or pro edition and comes in four different sizes.

At a glance
The X-Cite Ride had a complete over-haul for last season, but for 2012 it remains un-tampered with, apart from some subtle new graphics, to keep it fresh. It has a straight out-line shape, with a rounded nose and tail. The hull features double concaves in the nose following into a channelled vee through the mid-section flowing into a vee in the tail. On the deck it comes with high quality JP footstraps and is also supplied with a G10 40cm JP Powerbox fin.

It delivers plenty of stability underfoot and its flat deck is easy to manoeuvre. Lifting up onto the plane very smoothly, it is quick to accelerate. From the straps the stance is comfortable and even over bumpy water, the hull is effective at absorbing the chop, which keeps the ride smooth and instils a lot of confidence in the rider. On the straights, it can push some very impressive speeds but never gets out of hand, making it particularly appealing to intermediate riders.
Round the corners it feels like it is programmed, as soon as you step on the rail to engage the turn, it tracks round in a super smooth arc, maintaining speed and stability throughout. This makes it the perfect board for anyone wanting to progress their gybing skills quickly, crack their first one or plane out of the exit.

The verdict
The JP is a highly forgiving and easy board for any level of rider. It feels like it is on autopilot most of the time, so you can just enjoy the ride. Its gybing characteristics are one of the most appealing things about it and this would suit progressing riders who are looking to crack that elusive carve gybe.


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