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JP Xciteride 146 2012 action

JP Australia X-Cite Ride 146 Pro

Stats Volume (L) 146 Weight (Kg) 9.5 Length (cm) 252 Width (cm) 76 Construction Pro Edition Fin PB 48cm Price £1499

The low down
The X-Cite Ride is JP’s well-established freeride board line, designed for fun and exciting freeride performance for all abilities of rider. It is available in four different sizes and comes in either wood sandwich or Pro carbon construction. The shapes are unchanged from last year but have had a subtle graphical freshen up for 2012.

At a glance
The JP is the second longest in the category and has the widest tail. The rails are very straight giving it a wide out-line. Underneath it has double concaves with a channelled vee. The deck is flat up front and there is a decent amount of dome around the footpads. The quality JP footstraps have multiple out-board blasting and in-board training positions. It also comes with a 48cm JP Power Box fin.

It is extremely stable under foot, making it a solid platform for all levels of rider. It powers up quickly and lifts onto the plane effortlessly. The ride from the straps is comfortable and exciting, with the hull soaking up chop easily to deliver a smooth ride in all conditions. It feels fast and delivers outstanding performance on all points of sail. Around the corners this board gybes automatically, you just set the rail and it will carve a smooth stable arc maintaining plenty of speed for your exit – this makes it ideal for in-experienced carvers to gain confidence and success while at the same time there is performance for experienced gybers to explore.

The verdict
This board delivers a stable and exciting ride, with performance that is very easy to access for any level. It is quick in a straight line and gives you a sensation that you’re going even faster. To gybe, it is one of the easiest big boards to carve and really does feel like it on autopilot. It would be perfect for intermediate level riders who want to have fun and improve quickly and easily.


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