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Naish Boxer 5.0 2012

Naish Boxer 5.0

Stats Size (m2) 5.0 Luff (cm) 405 Boom (cm) 161 Battens 4 Ideal Mast 400/19 IMCS RDM Extension Req (cm) 5 Price £519

The Boxer is Naish’s compact wave and freestyle sail. It is the original compact wave sail, designed with a low aspect ratio for a reduced swing weight and easy handling.

At a glance
This compact four batten sail has an ultra-light surf construction, using lightweight X-166 scrim to save weight and a radial Kevlar Airframe for durability and strength. It looks extremely well built and the Naish styling, with bright colour options, really make this sail standout.

Rigging on a 400 mast, we tested it with a Naish RDM 90. It is quick and easy to rig, with loop and go pulleys for swift down-hauling. Once you have the down-haul set, it can be tuned with the out-haul to suit the conditions, for freestyle a little extra out-haul was preferred.

It is extremely light in the hands, with a low-down pull that is easy to control and gives you plenty of feedback through your backhand. It is a highly efficient sail that has lots of bottom end grunt to get you going early. The wind range of this four batten sail is very impressive and it holds its shape in the gusts perfectly, remaining controlled and easy to handle in all conditions. For freestyle, the lightweight and easy handling makes it very easy to throw into moves, its compact shape means you can duck and spin round quickly and its balanced power delivery means that you can always rely on having the grunt when you need it and forget about it when you don’t.

The verdict
The Naish Boxer is a seriously high quality sail. It is extremely lightweight with crisp and easy handling, as well as a wide natural wind range, which make it great to use in all conditions. It would suit any level of freestyle rider, especially riders who sail on both flat water and in the waves. All of our testers loved the Boxer and it comes highly recommended.


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