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Naish Grandprix 7.0 2012

Naish Grand Prix 7.0

Stats Size (m2) 7.0 Luff (cm) 458 Boom (cm) 188 Battens 7 Ideal Mast 460/25 IMCS Price £609

The Grand Prix is a triple cam slalom sail for Naish, designed to deliver maximum top speed with minimum hassle, along with freeride style handling.

At a glance
It has seven battens with three cams and a moderately wide luff tube. The Naish build quality is top notch and this sail is incredibly lightweight thanks to the X-166 ply that Naish use, specifically in the head, to reduce swing weight which translates into feather weight handling and a manoeuvrable feel.

It has a 458 luff length and we were supplied with a 460 Naish mast for the test, so it requires the minimum amount of extension possible as it doesn’t have an adjustable head. Alternatively, it can be rigged on a 430 mast, which would be recommended although we had no issues with the 460. It is an easy sail to rig and set, with a decent tuning range for a variety of wind conditions.

The handling is superbly controlled; it is super light in the hands with a playful and eager power delivery. You get lots of feedback from the sail, which gives you complete control of the power and really inspires you to lock it down and go for it. The wind range is great, particularly at the bottom end where there is heaps of grunt, making it one of the first sails out of the blocks and very quick to accelerate. At the top-end it simply goes faster the windier it gets and always feels light and balanced. Through manoeuvres it is great, the light easy handling makes it feel almost throw around as you crank into high-speed turns, the rotation is super smooth and the bottom-end acceleration has you powering at full speed out of every gybe.

The verdict
The Grand Prix is a highly rewarding sail to use in all conditions, the performance is easy to access, which encourages you to push your own limits and explore how fast you can go. As far as triple cam racers go, it is very hassle free and great fun to use.


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