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Naish Indy 7.6 2012

Naish Indy 7.6

Stats Size (m2) 7.6 Luff (cm) 470 Boom (cm) 198 Battens 6 Ideal Mast 460/25 IMCS Extension Req (cm) 10 Price £595

The Indy is the Naish twin cam freerace sail and is designed as a light and powerful compact speed/slalom sail.

At a glance
It has a six battened low aspect shape, with a short luff and boom length. The luff is moderately wide and it has two cams. It’s well built and has an ultra-lightweight construction that features the exclusive high tech X-166 material.

Setting on a 460 mast, we tested it on a Naish 90% carbon SDM. It is very easy to rig, with loop and go pulleys at the foot. It has a decent tuning range as well as a very good natural wind range, so constant tuning isn’t necessary to get the most out of it.

The Indy is super light and also perfectly balanced. The bottom end power feeds in very smoothly but with plenty of urgency so you get going quickly. It delivers a superb level of control and feel, with easy handling that is more like a zero cam sail but with the added performance and stability of having two cams. At the top end it is a fast sail and the fact that it is so comfortable to use means you can push yourself and squeeze out even more performance. The wind range is impressive, particularly at the bottom end where this sail gets going in the lightest of winds. When it comes to cornering, it’s light compact shape and easy handling really pays off, it feels almost throw about and the rotation is super smooth.

The verdict
The Indy is lightweight, easy, fast and great fun all round. The handling and manoeuvrability for a twin cam is fantastic. It is a high quality product that will suit any level of rider who is looking to power their freeride or slalom board with minimum hassle.


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