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Naish Nitrix 125 2012 action

Naish Nitrix 125 Wood Sandwich

Stats Volume (L) 125 Weight (Kg) 9.0 Length (cm) 250 Width (cm) 69 Construction Wood Sandwich Fin Nitrix 40cm Price £1249


The low down
The Nitrix was new to the Naish range last season and remains unchanged for 2012, apart from some flash new graphics. It is designed for versatile freeriding, with a slalom style rocker line and manoeuvre friendly outline. These boards come in wood sandwich construction and are available in five different sizes.

At a glance
It has a rounded compact shape, with a pintail. On the underside, it is quite flat, with a bit of vee in the tail and on the deck, it is also flat, with some angled dome towards the rails, with a large EVA deckpad that covers the whole stance area. The footstraps are super comfortable, although not the quickest or easiest to adjust and it comes with a G10 Powerbox fin, as well as an eco-friendly bag. The new graphics make it standout and look especially polished with the wood construction exposed underneath.

The Nitrix is stable under foot, with a nice flat deck that is easy to throw around. It is not the quickest board to accelerate but it does lift onto the plane very smoothly and it can cruise along at incredibly low speeds, which gives you plenty of time to get back into the straps and take your time. From the straps the ride is comfortable, with deep cushioned pads and slightly domed deck. It handles all conditions with ease delivering a comfortable and non-aggressive ride. It is by no means a slouch on a straight blast but it won’t scare you either. Round the bends it performs really well, locking into super smooth arcs, it is very stable through the carve and maintains its speed confidently.

The verdict
The Naish is an easy and forgiving board to ride, delivering a relaxed and manoeuvre orientated freeride style of performance. It will suit intermediate to advanced level riders who are looking for a comfortable board to progress quickly on and build their confidence.


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