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Naish Nitrix 145 2012 action

Naish Nitrix 145 Wood

Stats Volume (L) 145 Weight (Kg) 10.1 Length (cm) 260 Width (cm) 74 Construction Wood Sandwich Fin PB 44cm Price £1349

The low down
The Nitrix is Naish’s all-round freeride board line, designed to be versatile and exciting, Naish have given it what they describe as a slalom style rocker line combined with a manoeuvre orientated out-line. The range is available in five sizes and it comes in wood sandwich construction. The shapes are unchanged from last year but they have had a stylish graphical pimp up.

At a glance
It has a classic freeride shape with a pointed nose and pintail. This is the largest board in the test, in terms of volume and also, at 260cm long, it is the longest. The hull is fairly flat throughout with a subtle amount of vee in the tail. On the deck it is also flat with some angled dome around the rails and it has a large, soft EVA deck pad that covers the whole stance area. There are multiple inboard training or outboard blasting strap options for the and it comes with a 44cm Power Box Naish Nitrix fin as well as a Eco board bag.

The Nitrix feels very stable under foot and it is easy to manoeuvre around the flat deck while off the plane. It pushes smoothly up onto the plane and remains very secure while it accelerates, allowing you to take your time to get back into the straps. The ride from the straps is comfortable, set in out-board mode there is a nice amount of dome under your feet for grip and the pads are well cushioned. It is well behaved and controlled in all conditions, riding over chop smoothly. It is not the fastest of boards in a straight line but round the corners it makes up for this – bank it into a turn at any speed and its narrow tail will cut a smooth carve in all conditions.

The verdict
The Nitrix is an easy and comfortable board to ride, it is a lot of fun to blast around on and great for intermediate level riders to build confidence.


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