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Neil Pryde Firefly 5.7 2012

Neil Pryde Firefly 5.7

Stats Size (m2) 5.7 Luff (cm) 439 Boom (cm) 173 Battens 5 Ideal Mast 430/21 IMCS Extension Req (cm) 9 Price £535

The NeilPryde Firefly is a dedicated and powerful freestyle sail, designed to excel in all flat-water conditions, as well as in the waves.

At a glance
The Firefly has five battens, with a compact shape, short boom and high cut foot, it is also the smallest in the test. The build quality looks top notch, with twin seams and plenty of re-enforcement. It features all of the usual NeilPryde detailing and is finished off with bright graphics that look great making the rider stand out on the water.

Setting on a 430 RDM, we tested it with a NeilPryde 100% carbon X9 mast. It has a decent tuning range that can be tweaked with the out-haul adjustment and it sets with a moderately flat profile.

It feels extremely light and balanced in the hands. It feels fairly neutral with its power delivery that can be switched on and off very easily. Being the smallest sail on test wasn’t noticed at all in terms of bottom end power, it has plenty of punch low down and will pull you quickly up to speed. Its wind range is impressive, maintaining power through the lulls and accelerating in the gusts, while remaining perfectly controlled. The lightweight and easy handling make it great for throwing around in manoeuvres, the power can be switched off when you don’t need it and on when you do.

The verdict
The Firefly is a freestyle weapon that crosses over into waves as well as a little freeride. It has plenty of bottom end grunt and the power is very easily controlled. The lightweight and neutral handling make it effortless to sail, which gives you the confidence to push yourself and the sail really rewards every effort. It would suit any level of freestyle rider who seeks a progressive sail to push their riding forward, as well as dabble in the waves or just go for the occasional blast.


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