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Neil Pryde Fusion 6.7 2012

Neil Pryde Fusion 6.7

Stats Size (m2) 6.7 Luff (cm) 458 Boom (cm) 203 Battens 5 Ideal Mast 430/21 IMCS Extension Req (cm) 28 Price £480

The Neilpryde Fusion is an all-round freeride sail, designed to do it all from flat water to waves, jumping to blasting. It comes in sizes from 4.9 up to 7.2 and is also available in an optional HD version for increased strength and durability.

At a glance
It has a simple five batten frame, with a short luff length and compact clew. There is X-ply re-enforcement in the critical areas and it has a large clear window in the middle. It comes with the usual Pryde features, such as tack fairing and padded head and clew. The graphical finish looks great, with two bright colour options that are printed in-between the laminates for improved durability and they really standout well on the water.

It is easy to rig and very simple to tune, set the downhaul to the recommended and then tweak the outhaul to suit the conditions. It rigs on a 430 mast and we tested the sail on a Neilpryde X9 SDM.

It is light and well balanced in the hands, with a very neutral and easy feel. It powers up early and has a decent bottom end to get you going early. At the top end it also remains stable when you want to lock it down in the gusts and blast at full speed. When it comes to manoeuvres it is easy and forgiving to handle, powering up smoothly in and out of gybes.

The verdict
An easy sail to use, simple to rig and it delivers great all-round, user-friendly performance. It would suit all levels of rider, in particular entry level riders who are looking for an easy to use and versatile manoeuvre orientated freeride


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