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Neil Pryde RS Slalom IV 7.0 2012

Neil Pryde RS Slalom MKIV 7.0

Stats Size (m2) 7.0 Luff (cm) 448 Boom (cm) 200 Battens 8 Ideal Mast 430/21 IMCS Extension Req (cm) 18 Price £765

The RS Slalom MKIV features in the NeilPryde race collection alongside the RS Evo race sail. It is designed for maximum speed and performance with easy handling. For 2012 it has had a few tweaks to make it even lighter and also improve the handling.

At a glance
The RS Slalom has seven battens, with an extra mini flex batten in the head, three cams and a fairly wide luff tube. It has an aerodynamic zipped boom cut-out and an integrated compact clew, which shortens the boom length and passes the boom end through the leech of the sail.

It is easy to rig, with zips on the luff tube at each of the cams and tool-less batten adjustment. It rigs on a 430 mast and we tested the sail with a NeilPryde X9 100% carbon mast. At the clew, the boom goes through the sail and it has a quick and easy clip system to secure the leech around the end of the boom. It has a wide tuning range that can be adjusted to suit a variety of conditions. We found it set best with plenty of down-haul and then tuned with a touch of out-haul.

This is a powerful and fast sail, with plenty of bottom end grunt to power you up and get you going early. It accelerates extremely quickly and doesn’t stop! It feels solid and engaging for the rider, with feedback and control through the backhand. The handling is more on the positive side, engaging the rider but by no means being overly physical to use. This means you feel everything that happens and can really get in tune with the sail. Through the manoeuvres, it rotates smoothly and firmly, with heaps of power out of gybes.

The verdict
A full on, serious bit of kit that is fast on the straights as well as round the corners. It would suit the more serious slalom racers but at the same time, it offers accessible performance that everyone can tap into, push themselves and enjoy.


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