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Neil Pryde Atlas 5.4 2012

Neilpryde Atlas 5.4

Stats Size (m2) 5.4 Luff (cm) 419 Boom (cm) 177 Battens 5 Ideal Mast 400/19 IMCS Extension Req (cm) 19 Price £565

The Atlas is the on-shore power wave sail in Neilpryde’s range. It is designed for upwind efficiency, quick acceleration and high jumps.

At a glance
It has a short luff length, with a fairly long boom and five battens. There is a lot of pre shape in the foil and it has a lower foot. For 2012 it has been tweaked to deliver better responsiveness and be more stable in a wider wind range, it also has two new bright colour options that really make this sail stand out.

Recommended mast is a 400 RDM, we tested the sail on a Neilpryde X9 400RDM. It sets with quite a lot of downhaul, so that the leech is loose but there is still some rotation in the lower battens and it has a deep foil profile. Once the downhaul is set, tuning is best done with the outhaul and it has a decent range that can be adjusted to suit the conditions.

On the water
The Atlas is very quick to accelerate, with heaps of power low down and it takes little effort from the rider to get going early. Its upwind performance is better than anything else, which allows you to point higher and gets you up quickly into the action. It is also a fast sail in a straight line, making it great for launching big jumps and while airborne, it also generates lots of lift so you can go big on the Atlas without really having to try too hard! The constant drive of power is always there to keep your board speed up through turns, this is great for more on-shore conditions or charging full power sections. The wind range is good and it deals with gusts well, never getting back handed or over powered. It is a sharp and positive sail but at the same time easy to use.

Summing up
If you want an easy to access, full power wave sail for monster airs and high speed riding, this sail is for you.


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