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Neil Pryde H2 7.7 2012

Neilpryde H2 7.7

Stats Size (m2) 7.7 Luff (cm) 477 Boom (cm) 211 Battens 7 Ideal Mast 460/25 IMCS Extension Req (cm) 17 Price £655

The H2 is the Neilpryde freerace sail line, sharing technology from their race department, it is designed for easy rigging and handling, with maximum performance.

At a glance
It has seven battens with two cams and a moderately narrow luff tube. The boom length is shortened with a large cut-out clew and the new bright graphics are laminated into the sail, so they should last and continue to look great for many years.

Setting on a 460 mast, we tested the H2 on a Neilpryde X9 mast. It is very hassle free when it comes to rigging and tuning is also easy. We found that for a more grunty feel, applying slightly less down-haul works best, especially in the lighter winds.

It is extremely light in the hands, with a neutral feel. The power feeds in very smoothly, which gives you complete control in all situations. It doesn’t have the bottom end grunt of some of the other sails but there is plenty there to get you going early. The top end performance is very good, particularly when you’re pushing it, it still remains very stable, even when the wind is at the sails limit. On the straights it is a quick sail but it is also fast round the corners. Through manoeuvres its light and easy handling make it great fun to throw into high speed gybes. It remains perfectly balanced through the rotation and the cams pop round very smoothly.

The verdict
The H2 is an easy handling sail, it feels like a zero cam sail but with the added performance and stability that a twin cam brings. It has an impressive wind range, especially at the top end, where you can seriously push the limits. The ideal sail for any level of sailor looking for a performance step up from a zero cam freeride sail.


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