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Point 7 ACK 7.8 2012

Point 7 AC-K 7.8

Stats Size (m2) 7.8 Luff (cm) 484 Boom (cm) 214 Battens 7 Ideal Mast 460/25 IMCS Extension Req (cm) 24 Price £477

The AC-K is Point 7’s freerace sail line and is the second-generation model that has been completely reshaped, as well as being made 20% lighter.

At a glance
It has seven battens with tree cams, a moderately wide luff tube and a slightly cut down clew to shorten the boom length. The new model has a slightly lighter orange window and the dark side of windsurfing now has a flash of green, so there is no mistaking you on the water as it really stands out. Although it has lost some weight, it is still amongst the heaviest on test but it does look well built.

Setting on a 460 mast, we tested it on a P7 C100 SDM. Rigging is fairly straight forward, with zips on the luff at each of the cams to give you easy access. It has a massive tuning range that can be adjusted with the out-haul to suit the conditions once the down-haul is set.

It is extremely well balanced and the bottom end power is brutal and gets you going very early. The level of control and stability at speed is great and this sail just keeps on pulling. At the top end, it is a quick sail that likes to be pushed and rewards your efforts when you do so.

The verdict
The AC-K (2G) is a very powerful and fast sail, it is close to the performance of a race sail and as a result the fastest in the class. The new model is lighter and the handling has been greatly improved from last year’s model. It will suit any rider that wants to go as fast as possible without having to use a full-on race sail.


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