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Point 7 HF 6.5 2012

Point 7 HF 6.5

Stats Size (m2) 6.5 Luff (cm) 455 Boom (cm) 198 Battens 6 Ideal Mast 430/21 IMCS Extension Req (cm) 25 Price £350

The HF is Point 7’s all-round freeride sail, it is designed to be easy accessible and fun for all riders. HF stands for Have Fun and that is what this sail is all about. It is available in sizes ranging all the way from 4.0 up to 9.0 and in each size category the sails have a slightly different focus, such as the smallest sails are aimed more towards waves/bump and jump and the big ones towards early planing.

At a glance
It has a six-batten frame, with a short compact luff. The build quality looks good and there is plenty of X-ply re-enforcement where you need it. The HF has large clear panels, which is a little different for P7 but there is plenty of black on this sail, so there’s no mistaking it for anything other than Point 7 and it looks great!

It is easy and trouble free to rig, with a simple range, where most tuning is done by tweaking the out-haul. It sets on a 430 mast and we tested in on a P7 100 SDM.

It is light and well balanced in the hands, the power feeds in very smoothly at the bottom end and it continues to pull well all the way to the top end. It is stable in the gusts and has a decent natural wind range. When it comes to manoeuvres it is a forgiving sail that is easy to throw around.

The verdict
The HF is all about having fun, hence the name and if you’re looking for easy to access, no nonsense all round performance sail, then this one is for you. Suitable for all levels of rider, particularly entry-level riders, who will appreciate the forgiving and simple handling.


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