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Point 7 Sado 5.4 2012

Point 7 Sado 2G 5.4

Stats Size (m2) 5.4 Luff (cm) 424 Boom (cm) 167 Battens 5 Ideal Mast 400/19 IMCS Extension Req (cm) 30 Price £TBC

The Sado 2G is the second generation of this Point 7 power wave sail. Designed to deliver maximum power for all wave conditions, it has been developed with feedback from UK rider Adam Lewis.

At a glance
It has got a compact out-line, with a straight foot, five battens and a full X-ply construction. The large black panels and orange window are un-mistakably Point 7 and can’t be missed on the water. The construction and materials are of a very high standard and although it is not the lightest sail, it is built to last.

The Point 7 sets with a lot of pre shape and power between the bottom two battens, with a soft leech. It has a good tuning range that can be adjusted through the outhaul, for either full power or flattened off slightly for more control, once the downhaul is set. The measurements on the sail were not the most accurate to set extension and boom by, so don’t rely solely on those.

On the water
The Sado has heaps of power, it is also very well balanced and controlled so using and taking full advantage of the power is very easy. The pull is from low down and slightly forwards so it’s easy to control and you’re never wrestling with the power. Bottom end grunt is instant and will get you up to speed very quickly. It has got a very good natural wind range, managing to find power from the lightest of winds but at the same time remaining controlled when it does gust up. With all this power, jumping with the P7 is great, you can send it big and its compact shape is very easy to control in the air. On a wave it generates endless speed and power but this can be switched off when you don’t need it in manoeuvres.

Summing up
The Point 7 Sado has got tons of accessible power on tap as well as super sharp handling. It would be best suited to riders that crave maximum power.


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