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Point 7 Sado 5.9 2012

Point 7 Sado 2G 5.9

Stats Size (m2) 5.9 Luff (cm) 439 Boom (cm) 175 Battens 5 Ideal Mast 430/21 IMCS Extension Req (cm) 39 Price £415

The Point 7 Sado 2G is a full power wave sail. This is the second generation of the sail and it has been developed to deliver even more accessible power and improved handling.

At a glance
The Sado has five battens, with a compact out-line, high cut foot and full X-ply construction. The build quality and materials are of the highest standard and, it is built to last and looks the business with large black panels and an orange window that are unmistakeable on the water.

It sets on a 430 RDM and we tested it on a P7 100% carbon RD mast. It has a decent tuning range and rigs with a lot of pre shape and deep foil. Once you’ve got the down-haul set the tuning can all be done through the out-haul.

The P7 Sado is a very powerful sail but at the same time it is also extremely well balanced, so accessing and using the power is easy. The bottom end grunt is excellent, the power feeds in immediately and it has a solid forward pull that gets you going very quickly. It isn’t the lightest sail, however it doesn’t feel at all heavy in the hands. The power can be switched on and off instantly and this is a great sail for playing around in the waves, as well as jumping, where you can use all the power and speed to go seriously big. It is also a useful freestyle sail thanks to its bottom end power, easy handling and throw about feel.

The verdict
The Point 7 Sado is a power wave sail, it has got endless grunt on tap while retaining its razor sharp handling. While it is perfectly suited to wave sailing, it does also crossover nicely into freestyle and could also be useful for some high wind blasting or powerful bump and jumping sailing. Best suited to wave focused riders who thrive on maximum power.


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