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Quatro FSW 95 2012 Action

Quatro Freestyle Wave 95 Premium

Stats Volume (L) 95 Weight (Kg) 7.8 Length (cm) 236 Width (cm) 59.6 Construction Premium Fin MFC Freewave 28cm Price £1295

The low-down
The Quatro Freestyle Wave line is a wave crossover board. It was an all-new shape last year and for 2012 Quatro haven’t changed it. The range is available in four sizes and it comes in Premium construction.

At a glance
It has a very compact shape, with a moderately flat nose rocker and a bit of kick in the tail. The nose is pointed and it has a rounded pintail, with fairly soft rails. On the deck it has dual density footpads, high quality MFC footstraps and it comes with a MFC 28cm Freewave Powerbox fin.

It is not the earliest planing board but once powered up it does lift very smoothly and is very easy to control. The ride from the straps is comfortable, although it does have a slightly wider stance width, which can take a little getting used to but once you’ve got the feeling it does offer you good control. The top speed for just blasting around is impressive and the ride is lively, yet controlled, in any conditions but it does like to be fully powered up. This board’s pedigree is definitely in the waves and carving is what it does best. You can crank it hard into any turn at any speed and it will cut through the water perfectly. From tight snappy turns to wide fast arcs, this board really likes to change direction, which is perfect for in the waves. The Quatro is a fun jumping board too, the compact outline makes controlling and rotating in the air very easy and it stomps every landing. As a freestyle board, it is capable when properly powered up and great in the air but the things that make it so good in waves do slightly compromise its sliding freestyle ability.

The verdict
The Quatro Freestyle Wave is certainly one of the more wave-orientated designs, which you would expect from Quatro. It delivers great manoeuvre orientated performance, from small waves to flat-water carving with some full power freestyle thrown in for good measure. It would best suit riders looking for a larger and more versatile wave board, for the majority of use in the waves but with the occasional freestyle session on the flat days.


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