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Quatro KT 76 2012 action

Quatro KT Quad 76 Team Edition 2012

Stats Volume (L) 76 Weight (Kg) 7.2 Length (cm) 228 Width (cm) 54.5 Construction Team Edition Fin 2x 16cm + 2x 9cm MFC QS300 Price £1475


This is Keith Taboul’s signature wave board, aimed at hard-core down the line riding; it is designed to deliver fast, full rail surfboard style carving turns. The range has not been changed from last year apart from a new neon red colour option.

At a glance
The shape of the KT is the same as last years, which is not a bad thing as we loved last year’s board and the new bright red paint job looks great. It is the narrowest board on test at 54.5cm and it has a narrow swallowtail. The fittings are top quality with MFC straps and fins as well as dual density footpads. The fin boxes are US style for the back two, which gives you plenty of adjustment, and Mini Tuttle for the front two smaller fins.

On the water
The KT feels fairly compact under foot but with a little effort from the rider it can be quickly and easily pushed up onto the plane. Back in the straps the ride is good, the pads are comfortable and the slightly wider footstrap spread gives you heaps of control. The ride is fast and secure in rough conditions and it also tracks well up wind. It is a fun jumping board as the compact narrow shape can be easily thrown around and tweaked in the air. On the wave, it grips superbly through turns. In the bottom turn it is incredibly secure so you can seriously bury the rail hard and the steeper and faster the wave, the better. It carries loads of speed through the turns so off the top you can either snap it round a high speed cut back or slide out the fins.

Summing up
The Quatro was a strong favourite amongst the whole test team. Its hard-core performance can be appreciated by all levels of rider but the more advanced will get the most out of it. Great in all conditions but cross-shore larger waves is where this board really shines.

For more information on the

Quatro KT Quad 76 Team Edition 2012

go to www.quatrointernational.com

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