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Quatro Twin 92 2012 action

Quatro Twin 92 Premium 2012

Stats Volume (L) 92 Weight (Kg) 7.9 Length (cm) 236 Width (cm) 58.5 Construction Premium Fin 2x 16.5cm MFC Price £1375

The Quatro range has featured a twin fin since 2006 and it has been developed since then. It is designed for all-round wave sailing and it also retains the same proven shape as last years model.

At a glance
It has the classic twin fin shape with lots of nose rocker and a pintail. On the deck it comes fitted with top quality MFC straps and thick dual density pads. On the base it has twin US fin boxes and comes complete with two 16.5cm MFC fins.

On the water
It is very stable underfoot, being the largest, in terms of volume, on the test, which also helps it to accelerate and plane very early. From the straps it delivers a comfortable ride, the straps and pads feel great under foot. Flat out in a straight line it isn’t the quickest but it tracks well and is very controlled in rough conditions and battling out over white water. It is a fun board to jump and very easy to control in the air as it feels quite compact.
On a wave it is a very easy board to dial into and make the most out of every wave you catch. Either onshore or side shore, it excels in all conditions allowing you to tear up anything and make the most of the conditions available.
Being a twin fin, it has a very loose style but at the same time it delivers plenty of grip and can be confidently driven hard into turns, without the risk of losing traction. Through the bottom turn it holds its speed extremely well and can turn tight, making it easy to get vertical and hit the lip hard. Off the top you can either slash a loose cut back or project off the lip, to drop down and fully milk every wave.

Summing up
The Quatro twin excels in all wave conditions and can make the most of any wave. It is a versatile and easy board for any level of rider to shred on.

For more information on the

Quatro Twin 92 Premium 2012

go to www.quatrointernational.com

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