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RRD Cult Single 83 2012 action

RRD Cult Single 83 Ltd 2012

Stats Volume (L) 83 Weight (Kg) 7.4 Length (cm) 231 Width (cm) 58 Construction Ltd Fin 23cm MFC Price £1354

The New RRD Cult Wave V4 range has been re-designed, it is available in either single or quad fin setups and they are designed for everyday conditions, anywhere in the world.

At a glance
It has a classic shape, with plenty of rocker in the nose and a fairly flat pintail. On the deck it comes with quality footpads and super comfortable Dakine footstraps. The fin setup is classic single, with a US box and it comes complete with a MFC 23cm fin.

On the water
The Cult is stable under foot, with plenty of width and volume around the mast foot. It is quick to lift and power off the fin, getting planing early and with little effort. From the straps it is extremely comfortable, the pads are soft and the footstraps are superb. Being a single fin and also having a fairly flat tail rocker makes it pretty quick in a straight line and this, combined with the comfort of the ride, makes it feel great for blasting out in rough conditions, playing around in bump & jump conditions, and launching big airs. In the air it is very easy to control and throw around with style before landing comfortably every time.
On a wave it really didn’t disappoint either, it holds its speed through turns incredibly well for a single fin, you can push it as hard as you like through the bottom turn and it will grip securely all the way round the turn. Off the top, it again keeps its speed up well, so you can kick up plenty of spray off the lip and the width in the front of the board will always punch you forward, however late you hit it, setting you up to hit it again.

Summing up
This is a super reliable single fin board that does not disappoint in any conditions. It is quick, comfortable and lively to sail, performing superbly well in both side and onshore waves, as well as being great fun in the air. You can’t go wrong with this board!

For more information on the

RRD Cult Single 83 Ltd 2012

go to www.robertoriccidesigns.com

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