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RRD FSW 102 2012 Action

RRD Freestyle Wave 102 X-Tech

Stats Volume (L) 102 Weight (Kg) 8.8 Length (cm) 235 Width (cm) 65 Construction X-Tech Fin MFC Freewave 29cm Price £1340


The low-down
The RRD Freestyle Wave line has been completely redesigned for 2012. The range comes in seven sizes and is available in either Limited Edition Pro or X-Tech construction. The shapes have all got wider and shorter, with improved rocker lines for better handling and top speeds.

At a glance
It is wide across the middle (widest in test), with a pointed nose and a rounded pintail. We tested the 102 in the X-Tech construction, which is the more durable and cheaper option. It is also slightly heavier than the other boards on test but if weight is an issue then there is always the Limited Edition Pro construction. On the deck it has large footpads with deep heel cushions and it also comes with superb RRD Dakine Primo footstraps, which are extremely comfortable. The fin is a Powerbox 29cm MFC Freewave.

The RRD is super stable under foot, with well-distributed volume and width around the mast track. It planes early and effortlessly, making it easy to get back into the straps. From the straps, the ride is very comfortable, the deep cushioned pads fit your feet well and you always feel in complete control regardless of the conditions. The top speed is very good but it is the level of comfort and control while you’re blasting along that is the most impressive thing. Round the corners it is highly versatile, less experienced gybers will really appreciate how smooth and balanced it behaves through the turns, while more hard-core riders will love throwing it into fast carves where it just doesn’t lose speed which also makes it great in waves. For freestyle it is a very useful platform, it slides well and seems to perform moves in slow motion, which is great for learning new moves or for riders who are venturing into freestyle giving the rider confidence and time to perfect the trick in question.

The verdict
The new RRD Freestyle wave is an improvement on an already great board, it has become faster and more lively but without losing its controlled and comfortable handling. It is a capable freestyler that also has a good balance of wave and blasting performance. It would suit all levels of rider, especially riders looking for their first 100L board or heavier riders who will also appreciate the stability and ease of use. It was the favourite board of one of our testers.


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