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RRD Super Style 5.2 2012

RRD Super Style 5.2

Stats Size (m2) 5.2 Luff (cm) 422 Battens 5 Ideal Mast 400/19 IMCS Extension Req (cm) 22 Price £TBC

The Super Style is an all-round wave and freestyle sail from RRD, which has been developed with input from RRD team rider and UK wave sailor, John Skye.

At a glance
It has five battens and a distinctive appearance, with large RRD graphics on the sail there is no mistaking it. It has plenty of re-enforcement, with full x-ply throughout, apart from the window area in the middle that is clear for perfect vision.

The recommended mast is a 400 RDM and we tested the sail on a RRD Wave Vogue RDM 100% mast, which worked very well. When rigging the Super Style, it is quite sensitive to tuning, so essential that you apply plenty of downhaul or the sail will not perform, you must ensure you crank it on to soften up the leech and then tune the rest with the outhaul. It has a fair bit of shape in the foil and can be set for maximum power but the handling is much improved when it’s flattened off slightly more.

On the water
It is light and balanced in the hands, with a steady forward pull that can be controlled with your backhand. This sail is incredibly on/off, which is great for when you want to throw it into a manoeuvre and completely forget about it. It has a decent wind range for a 5.2 but to get the best out of its full range, some tuning is required. The bottom end power is instant and when you sheet in it pulls you quickly up to speed. At the top end, it is very controlled in the gusts and remains behaved and balanced.

Summing up
The RRD Super Style is a reliable and highly capable wave or freestyle sail. It delivers solid performance in all conditions, throughout its wind range, providing you spend some time tuning it. Suitable and rewarding for all levels of rider.


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