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RRD Twintip 100 2012 action

RRD Twin Tip 100 V3 Ltd

Stats Volume (L) 100 Weight (Kg) 7.2 Length (cm) 231 Width (cm) 63.5 Construction Ltd Fin MFC Freestyle Pro 20cm Price £1475


The low down
The Twintip is RRD’s hardcore freestyle board, which has featured in their range for many years and gained a very solid reputation in this time. For 2012 they introduce the V3 Twintip, the line has been completely redesigned, with shorter and more compact shapes. It comes exclusively in LTD Carbon Kevlar construction and is available in three different sizes.

At a glance
This board has a squared off nose and rounded tail. It is one of the longer boards in the test and it is also one of the widest in the tail, under the back strap. On the deck it has subtle dome up front and under the footpads there are contoured heel gutters for improved grip and comfort. The fittings are the highest quality, coming compete with DaKine footstraps and an MFC Freestyle Powerbox fin. The finish and construction are top class, with stylish graphics that expose the carbon deck.

The RRD planes extremely early and requires very little effort to get it going. The ride from the straps is the most comfortable and controlled of any board, even in heavy chop or waves it still remains well behaved. This is a fairly quick board, much faster than previous Twintips and also quite lively. This easy and comfortable ride really builds your confidence when it comes to throwing moves and makes the setup for tricks feel easier. It has plenty of pop to boost you as high as you need and it feels compact under your feet to spin. It performs moves with a lot of control and this really aids the progression of your freestyle

The verdict
The Twintip is easy and comfortable to ride, it is one of the most comfortable boards to ride in any conditions. The new board has gained some extra top speed on last year’s model but it hasn’t lost the classic controlled character and performs moves at whatever pace you want it to rather than just doing everything flat out. It would suit a wide range of rider abilities and is a very quick board to progress on.


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